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Now available from Big Bike PartsĀ® is a 7 piece ground support component kit that comes in a handy mesh storage bag. In addition to the handy storage bag to store all your plugs, caps, and covers this kit includes: 1 pair of propeller slings andexhuast covers for 4 blade propeller; 1 pair pitot tube covers; 1 pair dual static port plugs with side to side interconnect; 1 pair NACA inlet plugs; 1 air inlet plug with leash to interconnect to NACA plugs; and 1 set tow pins with leash tointerconnect to the air inlet plug. Hi-Temperature fiberglass is used on all Hi-Temp areas and Hi-Visibility safety red and remove before flight tags are used to remind you to pull all ground components before flight. For Daher- Socata TBM aircraftwith 4 blade propeller.

GROUND COMPONENT KIT - TBM, Prop Slings 4 - Blade Hartzel, Pitot Covers; Static & NACA Plugs, Air Intake Plug, Tow Pins & Storage Bag, Made In USA, UPC: 725378972260

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