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These Propeller Slings and Exhaust Stack Covers for the Daher TBM 900/930 have reinforced padded propeller edge protection to help protect against tow bar damage that happens more often with 5 blade propellers. The long length of 16½’’ adds to the protection making these propeller slings a must have for the Hartzel TBM 5 blade propellers. The Exhaust Stack Covers are custom designed for the TBM and the silicone coated 1000°F high temperature fiberglass does not require waiting for a long cool down before sliding on. The unique hem design eliminates snaps, requiring no adjustment, allowing easy slip on installation with sewn on pull tabs to keep fingers away from the hot exhaust, making installation safe and easy. The propeller slings are attached to the exhaust covers by a bungee that has been pre-measured to easily slip over the propeller tip with no strings or hooks to attach or adjust. Sold as a pair for the 5 blade Hartzel TBM 900/930 propellers&  900/930 exhaust stacks.

TBM 9XX EXHAUST COVERS, With Propeller Slings, For 5 Blade Hartzel with Padded Edge, TBM 900, 910, 930, 940, Made in USA, UPC: 725378976367

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