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29-116 - TBM 900 AIR INLET PLUG

TBM Air Inlet Plug provides a snug fit to keep your air intake clear when on the ground. Designed without any metal parts to avoid nicks, dings, or scratches to the airframe. Built to last using special heat resistant silicone coated fiberglass and bright safety red polyester, this Air Inlet Plug is available to fit the newly designed air intake inlet on the Daher TBM 900/930. The Air Inlet Plug comes with an easy grab handle and an 18’’ Remove Before Flight banner stitched to the handle. Easy to use hook and loop leash is included to allow connection to the Big Bike Parts® NACA Air Inlet Plugs to ensure all components are removed before flight.

TBM 900 AIR INLET PLUG, Safety Red, For TBM 900 with Straps to, Connect to NACA Plugs, Made in USA, UPC: 725378976381

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